I’m a woman ! I don’t have a name ! Patty Carroll’s anonymous women! 我是女人!我沒有名字 ! 偽裝藝術攝影大師- 帕蒂·卡羅的神祕女人!

Inadvertently seeing Patty Carroll ‘s work make me think a 60’s song  “I’m a woman” Peggy Lee…

I can wash out forty-four pairs of socks and have ’em hangin’ out on the line

I can starch and iron two dozen shirts ‘fore you can count from one to nine

‘Cause I’m a woman! W-O-M-A-N………

Photographer Patty Carroll’s work, some people call that “disguise art”,the woman in the photographs are always mysterious and anonymous, like animals or predators. We could find that the colors in the photos are extremely intense. Patty Carroll said :”Color for me is emotional, and I spent so many years on an emotional roller coaster that color was the best way to outwardly express it…”Just like a child, she expresses strong feelings directly with primary and saturated colors.   Her work uses the daily life items and appliances, thinking about the visual representation of the association between them and the role of the female in the family.

Do you see where the woman is?

(Photo: Patty Carroll http://pattycarroll.com/)


無意中翻到這位攝影師-帕蒂·卡羅爾Patty Carroll的作品,

讓我想到60年代這位美國爵士流行音樂歌手佩吉·李Peggy Lee的這首歌「我是女人! 」

我可以洗四十四雙襪子,然後“曬乾晾掛在線上” ,



因為我是女人! W-O-M-A-N…………………

攝影師-帕蒂·卡羅爾Patty Carroll的影像作品,


畫面中從不現真章,像動物或獵食者地偽裝保護 ,




Patty Carroll說 : 「顏色我來說是充滿情緒的,



Patty Carroll的鏡頭下傳達著,




畫面中生活化的佈景 ,

黑色幽默講述著一個個故事 ,



(Photo: Patty Carroll http://pattycarroll.com/)

Photo: Patty Carroll
patty carroll (10)
Patty Carroll
patty carroll 05

(Photo: Patty Carroll http://pattycarroll.com/)

下面這張作品 Stairsy  ,女人穿着她的條紋裝束跌倒在楼梯上,想著爬起來很危險,也許裸體還比較好。Photo: Patty Carroll

About Patty Carroll  帕蒂·卡羅爾 / 攝影師小檔案

Professor Photography at SAIC (The Art Institute of Chicago) 芝加哥藝術学院攝影教授

BFA in Graphic Design, University of Illinois 伊利諾伊大學設計學院的攝影碩士

(Nomadistyle文字版權所有/ 若需轉載,請來信告知並註明出處)

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