All made of string 重生的「線」

All made of string

Found a great exhibition, that’s all made of string!

Amazing idea , very delicate…
Those clothes that we don’t need anymore , re-design, so that three-dimensional objects come back to the basic concept of graphic design – point, line, surface. Art of line: vertical lines、horizontal lines、diagonal lines 、zigzag lines and curved lines. Those reborn “line” is in another way to show people!

無意間走進很棒的展覽,牆壁上所看到的全都是由線編排黏貼成的畫面,構思極微細膩,牽一髮動全身, 一件不穿的衣服,重新抽絲剝繭, 讓立體物件重新回到平面設計中最基礎概念——點線面中的線性藝術,這重生的「線」以另一種藝術方式現人!

nomadistart 02 - Copie

(Nomadistyle文字圖片影片版權所有/ 若需轉載,請註明出處)

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